Jaxson n Journey

Who Am I?

My name is Nick Smith a.k.a. BrunsNick. I have been the NW Brunswick Product Specialist since 2010 and really enjoy the work I do. Prior to that, I have owned and operated pro shops from 2002 until 2010. I was a Brunswick Regional Staffer until they kicked me off and hired me instead. I’m still a PBA member and will probably always be. I started www.brunsnick.com in 2006 and made a lot of friends along the way. I am originally from the Los Angeles area and I am a die hard Dodgers fan. I have a wonderful girlfriend named Kristin a.k.a. KW, and she was the 2014 PBA West Region Rookie of the Year. She’s better than me, but she’s unaware of that for the time being. We also have two amazing Border Collies, Journey and Jaxson. Journey girl is the smart one and Jaxson is the not-so-smart one who farts and snores but we love them both anyway.
  • Changed the way bowling ball videos are made.
  • Coined the phrase “CGNOMADDAH”, a popular idea in ball layout.
  • Taught you how to bowl 900. You’re welcome.