Who knew I had so many bowling balls? 23 I believe the count was… yikes. I’ll tell you this much, some I use a lot more than others. I had my best PBA Regional season this year, and I owe a lot of my success to the Brunswick Melee Cross (60×5.5×25 OG), LT48 (60×5.25×65 OG) and the Fortera Exile (35×5.25×65). Those 3 balls were my workhorses this past year and they go with me to every tournament. Recently, I’ve really been impressed with the Radical Guru Mighty, and of course the Vintage Gold Rhino Pro! There are a few tournaments coming up here soon, so that’s when they really get put to the test. Take care for now, usually 2am is my limit and my eyes start to cross staring at the computer screen working on code.