Pin In Palm Layout

What is the Pin In Palm layout?

This layout is used simply for stability and a predictable ball reaction. In a symmetrical core ball, the pin is put in the center of the grip, (usually 5 – 5 1/2″ from PAP) with the CG 45 degrees from your PAP as seen in the diagram. The X-hole goes 6 3/4″ from the PIN through the CG.

In an asymmetrical core ball, the pin is put in the center of grip, with the PSA (or mass bias) 45 degrees from your PAP. It would be ideal to find a ball with the CG inline with the PIN and PSA for this layout because of the X-hole location. The next variable with an asymmetrical core ball is whether or not to drill the X-hole 6 3/4″ away from the PIN, which would drill through the PSA locator. Personally, I don’t believe in drilling out PIN’s or PSA’s, but some folks do. Instead, I choose to measure 1 1/8″ towards the PIN from the PSA and put the X-hole there. This will alter the measurement to 5 5/8″ from the PIN!

The X-hole size can vary depending on the starting top weight of the ball. Generally, 2.5 – 3.5 oz is ideal for this layout. Using a 1″ bit, drill 2 1/2″ deep for your X-hole. Doing so will bring the ball back to USBC specifications for side & thumb weight, as well as raise the bowtie for your track flare. Lowering the pin will lower the track, which may cause flaring over the fingers. The X-hole will raise your bowtie up, eliminating tracking issues.